New Morita needle from JICO

I recently tried a new needle from JICO for my M44 cart and I’ve gotta say, I’m really impressed.

Morita needle JICO Eric Naff
New Morita wood carving needle

The new needle looks a little different than the OEM needle from Shure or the base N44 stylus from JICO. The shield and mount for the stylus is a clear red. The stylus itself is a little different in that it tapers to the point where the actual “needle” is bonded to the stylus. It’s also a brass color rather that a gray metal color. The stylus as a whole feels very sturdy and well built. It fits perfectly into my Shure M44-7 cart. It has a spherical stylus and can take up to 3g of tracking force.

Eric Naff JICO Morita needle
The tip is made of wood!

The sound of this stylus is incredible! It picks up sounds that I haven’t heard or were hard to hear in my music/vinyl . It really brings some of the mid and high forward for a more balanced sound. It doesn’t sound fuzzy or muffled at all. It sounds very, very clear. This stylus almost makes my M44-7 moving magnet cart sound like an expensive moving coil cart (not that the M44s are cheap now). The sound quality and the build of this stylus are outstanding. It also holds the grove well when scratching!

Eric Naff JICO Morita wood carving needle
Perfect fit

Anyone looking to expand the sound range their M44-7 cart will be extremely happy with this product. I’ve been going through my vinyl collection, listening for things that I may have missed using this new stylus. As the “first contact” with the vinyl, the stylus is very important. Using this stylus has eliminated the need to have different cartridges and needle combinations for different kinds of music. Up until now I didn’t know that part of this stylus is made of wood! I am extremely happy with this product and will continue to use JICO as my stylus provider. Top notch product and customer service!

New Merch!

So I broke out the die cutter while on lockdown and made a few vinyl stickers. Hit me up for some!

Eric Naff Long Beach stickers

All are cut from premium vinyl and come in a couple sizes.

Fart & Smile- sm $3, lg $5. Just The Tip- $3. #shinAF- sm $3, lg $5.

Just the Tip….

….of the New Year!!

Went for a brisk walk to the beach with Angie.


That was good shit! I hope to be riding more. Got all my bikes ready to go. Boards as well. Need to incorporate a lot more physical activity into my day.

BMX Eric Naff Haro bikes skatelife

Also want to start doing more design work. At least designs and artwork for myself.

Copic markers Eric NaffGundam copic markers Eric Naff

Should be a productive new year!

The Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda

Finally got a chance to jump into LoZ after months of having it around on the Nintendo classic!

I had the original gold cartridge and I remember this game coming out when I was ten or so. It changed video games for me. I started looking for similar games like Secret of Mana (Super Nintendo). It wasn’t quite roll playing, not a side scroller (except the Adventure of Link), and it certainly wasn’t sports. These games were fun and there was practical problem solving involved.

Level five triforce

Legion Happenings!!

Here’s the events planned for this month! Come check us out. Play some video games, play some music…. Whatever!

5938 Parkcrest St. Long Beach, California 90808

Ride to the Long Beach VA

Had a VA appt today. Took the Fit 22″ so I could hit the ledge out front. There’s a nice ledge in front of the Long Beach VA, next to the bus stop. Luckily the was no one sitting there smoking so I could hit it on the way in, and out! Click the title to check out the video!!

Memorial Day

Today I get to be a part of the Memorial Day event at Del Valle park in Lakewood, Ca. We got here way to early so we’re setting up.

It’s been great bring a part of Lakewood Post 496. I’m now the adjutant and it’s a lot of work.

Younger Veterans should really check out our post. There’s a lot of great people and we have some sweet video games! Drinks are cheap too. During happy hour, my Captain and Cokes are $3.25 ($2.25 now), with a healthy pour!

Remember those who served….


Got all the retro gaming I need!

Super Nintendo Eric Naff

Nintendo Eric Naff

Now you’re playing with power

Classic Atari Eric Naff

Classic Atari

Also got a Sega Genesis in this mix!