Legion Happenings!!

Here’s the events planned for this month! Come check us out. Play some video games, play some music…. Whatever!

5938 Parkcrest St. Long Beach, California 90808

Ride to the Long Beach VA

Had a VA appt today. Took the Fit 22″ so I could hit the ledge out front. There’s a nice ledge in front of the Long Beach VA, next to the bus stop. Luckily the was no one sitting there smoking so I could hit it on the way in, and out! Click the title to check out the video!!

Memorial Day

Today I get to be a part of the Memorial Day event at Del Valle park in Lakewood, Ca. We got here way to early so we’re setting up.

It’s been great bring a part of Lakewood Post 496. I’m now the adjutant and it’s a lot of work.

Younger Veterans should really check out our post. There’s a lot of great people and we have some sweet video games! Drinks are cheap too. During happy hour, my Captain and Cokes are $3.25 ($2.25 now), with a healthy pour!

Remember those who served….


Got all the retro gaming I need!

Super Nintendo Eric Naff

Nintendo Eric Naff

Now you’re playing with power

Classic Atari Eric Naff

Classic Atari

Also got a Sega Genesis in this mix!

Soooo… Here We Go Again

I’m at the doctor’s office!

We are here for nothing more than needless cosmetic laser surgery. I don’t know wether to let these irresponsible money spending decisions piss me off and ruin my days, or to just say fuck it and just go with it. It’s going to happen either way so I’m just gonna go with it. I’m really unhappy.

We are trying to move and have a better life, but in reality it’s not going to happen when we spend money on things she really doesn’t need. We defeat ourselves at every turn. Any progress in adult life is crushed by constant stupidity and horrible decisions.

Which brings me to the stupid questions her family has for me every time I see them. “When are you moving”? “Are you looking for a job”? “What’s the problem”?

Here’s the problem. You pawned your responsibility onto me. We aren’t moving because she spends all of our money, all of the time. She is my job….. You stupid fucks.

So, I’m done. Done stressing. Done trying.

Looking a Little Better

Sounds gross, but my scabs are falling of and my eye is looking a lot better.

Eric Naff BMX bike bikelife

I think after everything clears up I’m going to need some of this stuff.

CVS Eric Naff scar treatment bikelife BMX

Made a veggie soup that I hope clears me out and tortures everyone else, like I’m tortured.

Soup Eric Naff BMX bikelife

Got the new rear end assembled and put on a street block tire. Threw on some Odyssey Mpegs and she’s ready to swap when needed. I’ll never be able to use it tho given my current situation. Not taking about my injuries.

BMX Eric Naff Tioga

Still get a hard time constantly and every day is a struggle. There are no right answers, just bullshit. I don’t even wanna talk anymore. Everything I say gets distorted and thrown back on me like a sick joke.

I don’t want any visitors for Christmas, but my wants and needs are secondary to this sick family and their bullshit drama. As long as they get theirs I guess.

Fuck the Shin family.

New rear end!

Decided to throw together a spare rear wheel today. Was gonna get a new cassette rear wheel but remembered the Haro one that came on the SD and used it. It’s supposed to be freecoaster but the freecoaster never worked so used it as a quiet cassette! I think they threw together an old coaster brake hub mod to make a jenky freecoaster like back in the day.

Haro bikes BMX Eric Naff wheel bikelife
Sata rim on jenky Haro freecoaster hub and Tioga Street block tire

My face is looking better and it’s been less than a week. Hopefully healed by the end of the week!

Eric Naff bike wreck BMX bikelife
Healing well

Vets Voice

Did a revamp of our logo for some new shirts!

Veteran voice Eric Naff BMX graphic design

They will be available in about a week and a half. Will post some photos of the finished shirts.