Looking a Little Better

Sounds gross, but my scabs are falling of and my eye is looking a lot better.

Eric Naff BMX bike bikelife

I think after everything clears up I’m going to need some of this stuff.

CVS Eric Naff scar treatment bikelife BMX

Made a veggie soup that I hope clears me out and tortures everyone else, like I’m tortured.

Soup Eric Naff BMX bikelife

Got the new rear end assembled and put on a street block tire. Threw on some Odyssey Mpegs and she’s ready to swap when needed. I’ll never be able to use it tho given my current situation. Not taking about my injuries.

BMX Eric Naff Tioga

Still get a hard time constantly and every day is a struggle. There are no right answers, just bullshit. I don’t even wanna talk anymore. Everything I say gets distorted and thrown back on me like a sick joke.

I don’t want any visitors for Christmas, but my wants and needs are secondary to this sick family and their bullshit drama. As long as they get theirs I guess.

Fuck the Shin family.

New rear end!

Decided to throw together a spare rear wheel today. Was gonna get a new cassette rear wheel but remembered the Haro one that came on the SD and used it. It’s supposed to be freecoaster but the freecoaster never worked so used it as a quiet cassette! I think they threw together an old coaster brake hub mod to make a jenky freecoaster like back in the day.

Haro bikes BMX Eric Naff wheel bikelife
Sata rim on jenky Haro freecoaster hub and Tioga Street block tire

My face is looking better and it’s been less than a week. Hopefully healed by the end of the week!

Eric Naff bike wreck BMX bikelife
Healing well

Vets Voice

Did a revamp of our logo for some new shirts!

Veteran voice Eric Naff BMX graphic design

They will be available in about a week and a half. Will post some photos of the finished shirts.


So… I had something crazy happen and I still can’t get any support.

Eric Naff skate BMX

Eric Naff BMX skate skatelife bikelife

Fractured orbital, bleeding brain, etc…. I still get a hard time after coming home from neurosurgery. I still have to do everything around the house. I still have to keep her from punching mirrors, or herself. Like this is what I need right now. Her family is like “as long as we’re ok and don’t have to deal with it”. Then they wonder why I don’t like or respect them.

The Shin family has been a curse on my life. They pawn their problems off on others so they don’t have to take responsibility for their own family. Shitty…. Just shitty people. But all is forgiven because they’re fanatical Christians and Jesus saves.

Fuck you Shin family. Fuck you in your stupid asses.

Sick Ride!

Took a ride before it gets too hot out…

Eric Naff BMX bikelife Haro
Eric Naff

Rode everything! Saw the police and they rolled right past me…. I’ll post some video when I get the edit done

I Do Have To Say….

This place is beautiful!

Eric Naff BMX bikelife Newport Coast Crystal Cove
Nice view!
Eric Naff BMX bikelife bike Newport Coast Crystal Cove
Could be nice, too many people

The view is great. The people suck. No BMX riding. I just don’t wanna be here. Maybe if no one was around….?

BMX Day 2018

Took a ride around for BMX day with Angie. Was really windy so I couldn’t hit my ledge by the pool. Shit was blowing everywhere!

I took the Fit BF22 and Angie took her Haro. Weather was nice except for the wind.

I also filmed a little with the GoPro. May upload some video later!