Crazy Day!

Went for a BMX ride today and saw this mayhem!!

So whatever…. then grabbing lunch at MVPs…. this fun happened at O’Connel’s-

All in all…. just a day in Long Beach!

New Distractions!!

Since B50 kinda took a crap, I decided to make my own fun! I tried to put as many games in my PQ as possible. Made it the most entertaining place on the ship!

PSO2 driving range darts golf Erika
Driving range into mayhem and darts are always fun!
PSO2 Erika racing
Place your bets on waddle races!
PSO2 Erika rodeo
You can ride my jiggle seat!
PSO2 Erika jiggle seat
Also relax after a hard day of play!

So come on in and visit my PQ. Bring friends so the waddle races are more fun! See ya soon!

PSO2 Sora Erika

On a separate note- loving Sora’s new outfit! But I like French/France. My unit is the only one to wear a foreign award. It’s from France. It’s called the French Fourragere. I think that’s how you spell it. We also got the nickname “devil dog” from the Germans when we ran them out of Belleau Wood in I believe 1918. So I feel a great personal connection to Sora. One of just a few of my favorite people in this game!

Time To Find A New Block

Well…. guess it’s time to move on from B50. This block’s gotten all shitted up with “weebs” and just ugh…. Not really B50 anymore. No human centipede, no lewds, just… not B50 anymore. Sad to see it gone….

B50 sad Erika

Bye B50…. sad to see you go but, it’s just not the same.

Plus, who needs it when you have this bitchin view?!

PSO2 Erika personal quarters

See you all in-game!

PSO2 Loves Erika

These people…. I switched over to Eriko to see if I could get an Aproth Dusk drop. I mean, he’s a Phantom, should get a rifle drop. NOPE. Played that fool for a week and…. nothing. I switched back to Erika and made her a Phantom. Got that drop in like, 20 minutes! WTF!

Erika gets great drops. I’ve said it before. Now I know I’m not trippin’…. lol. I guess it’s Erika from now on!

PSO2 Erika

Players are more receptive to Erika as well so will stick with her. She’s kick-ass! She’s based on my wife as well so…. lucky me!

XBox Outage

Well…… Today was going well until XBox services took a crap and I got booted outta PSO2. Got a lot done before hand though!

Eric Naff PSO2 Lavere Eriko Erika gaming video game tits
Oh Lavere…. I’m always coming back for more

Had to see Lavere again. Cleared my bingo card. She was surprised to see me so soon. She barely had time to wipe her chest off from our last encounter! She’s always “hurtin for a squirtin” lol.

Hopefully services come back online soon. Need to jump back in it!

Feel free to comment below or find me in-game. I’ll be around somewhere. I’m not using Erika at the moment. She gets all the awesome drops and stuff. I’m trying to see if Eriko can get the same treatment. Lol!

C ya!

Day After PSO2 Day!

So today I decided to break out Eriko and try him out again. Made him a dope weapon or two ( Atlas Drache EX, and a Trailblazer rifle). The Atlas is ridiculous with augments!

PSO2 Eric Naff mmorpg Eriko

Works well in the new UQ. I don’t get one-shotted by Shiva!

Got a new mag evolution a while ago and decided to try it out. Couldn’t be happier it’s a German with a stien of beer! He drinks when you power him up! Awesome!

PSO2 Eric Naff Eriko mmorpg

I think I’ll be using this character for a while. I use Erika all the time. It’s fun to switch up, but also possibly get some extremely rare drops. Erika gets such great drops. Eriko not so much. Hopefully that’ll change with some hours behind this guy!

See y’all on ship 4!!

New Mac MalWare

There’s a new MalWare affecting macOS. It even affects the new M1. The file names are here-

~/Library/._insu (empty file used to signal the malware to delete itself)
/tmp/ (shell script executed for installation callback)
/tmp/version.json (file downloaded from from S3 to determine execution flow)
/tmp/version.plist (version.json converted into a property list)

The locations are here, if you’re interested in checking to see if your Mac is affected-

/tmp/ and ~/Library/Application Support/verx_updater/

It’s pretty crazy because it doesn’t do anything yet, really. It does check and outside server or delivery network, assuming to check for new commands or instructions? It also has a self destruct. That it already affects M1 means that the creator is ahead of the curve. Most developers are still recoding their apps for M1.

This infection is in over 30,000 machines. Red Canary was first to discover this MalWare.

Dead Day….

Got a lot of laundry and BS done today. No one really on the game today.

I posted this to some of the folks on B50 a couple days ago. Little marker sketch on a, blank skate deck. In case you didn’t know, that’s what I do! So now you know!

Erika block 50 B50 PSO2 zelda

Copic marker on skate deck….

Zelda Erika PSO2 link illustrator
Drew and then did in Illustrator just for myself
Hello Kitty skateboard Erika PSO2
Just some ones around that I’ve collected

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday, today too. Been a long one! See ya, guys!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

I hope everyone gets to spend some time with someone special today! I’ve been making Duk Mandu Guk for lunar New Year and now making Ox Tail soup for my tiny baby for Valentines.

While the soup finishes up, guess I can hit some PSO2! This game has been really fun and really helps time pass while waiting out this crazy virus.

Erika PSO2 naffindustries
Dance party!
Erika PSO2 naffindustries
That’s me!

B50 dance party Erika Save The Rappy

Boogie down….

Just finished up our first soup, the soup before the next soup… lol! She loves miso soup with mushrooms! I used three different kinds of mushroom, so she’s pretty jazzed!

Miso soup PSO2 California
Mushroom miso soup…..

I’m Erika by the way! Lol! I have no in-game valentine like the rest of the ladies…. I’m a dude. Have a great day!

Here’s our final Ox Tail soup!

Ox Tail soup erika
Soooooo good!