Awesome Asada Ne

For taco Tuesday we are making taco rice cheese ne with carne asada instead of ground beef. Cooking in beer as well!

Eric Naff BMX food Mexican Japanese
Browning the Asada

Eric Naff BMX bet bikelife

Here’s the final result! Awesome! Hit up Shin Times for complete recipe.

Eric Naff BMX bike bikelife
Finished product 💯

Sick Designs

Here’s more of my skate deck designs:

I’ll be honest…. This is in case Fit Bike Co checks my stuff for the Graphic Designer position.

Stupid Statements

This asshole decided to ruin everyone’s Independence day by trying to climb the Statue of Liberty.

Eric Naff BMX bikelife stupid people
Selfish Dumbass

This idiot wanted to stay there until all the children are freed from ICE custody.

So because you’re an idiot, everyone had to be evacuated. Everyone’s holiday was ruined.

You missed your statement. Instead your statement was “I’m a selfish asshole” or “look at me, I’m making a difference”. Just selfish and narrow-minded.

My sister did something similar by one time volunteering for a stream cleanup (outdoors). But when her professor’s girlfriend showed up, she didn’t care about the environment as much anymore. It was about her.

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People Cease to Amaze Me

The city, city planner, and mayor Robert Garcia are some of the most useless people I can think of. Spent a ton of money on these dumbass traffic circles, and they do absolutely nothing. Waste of money.

Eric Naff BMX Long Beach
Uh oh!
Eric Naff BMX Long Beach weed Marijuana
Someone’s in for a surprise!

Eric Naff BMX Long Beach

Some idiot jumped the traffic circle a couple nites ago and managed to hit a bunch of cars on the way down the street. This is at 6th and Temple.

She tried to start her car again to get away and when that didn’t work, she got it and tried to run! Someone yelled at her to stay. She said she had an anxiety attack.

This asshole could’ve seriously hurt someone. F that anxiety shit. Get yourself better before you ruin someone’s life.

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Stupid Fuk-Os

People are retarded….

They said it would happen. “You will be separated from your kids if you want to come across the border”. They still did. Now they’re like… Hey wait. Every day dumb ass people cease to amaze me.

Fit 22 from Empire

Thanx to Empire BMX I got one of the few remaining BF 22s out there. I wanted the black and the 2019s are chrome (ewww). Shipping job was dialed!

Empire BMX Eric Naff bikelifeEmpire BMX packaging Eric Naff bikelifeFit bike Co Eric Naff BMX bikelife

Sick frame

BMX bikelife extras Eric Naff

I built her up and tested everything. Worx great. Feels great. Gyro is tite. Shadow chain a definite.

Fit Bike Co BMX 22 bikelife Eric Naff

I love it! Rides great. I can do all my usual tricks on it. Grinds are awesome with the Animal team pegs.

All in all this is a great bike. Awesome geometry and a smooth ride. Just a tad larger BMX bike. Empire really came thru and a can’t thank Tom enough. Packing job was great. Grab one!

Lil Romeo

This guy! He’s so funny. I love that he waits by the door for me to get home. At least someone’s happy to see me. Happy that I’m around, home.

When I come in the front gate or park my car in the carport, he knows I’m back. Then he yells out the door to me. So excited!

Lol Romeo cat BMX Eric Naff bikelife
Little Guy


Finally a chance to post something! I never have time for myself. Picked up a sick new bike. I love it. Rides like a dream. Now I just need time to ride it!

Oh wait…. There’s the FaceTime….

Eric Naff BMX fit Bikes bikelife
Fit Bike Co BF 22

Long Week

It’s been a while but I finally have a chance to post. Trying to isolate myself so I can get things that I need done. Too many people can’t do shit for themselves.

Eric Naff bikelife
Rats in the Louvre

Fourth Friday “Rats in the Louvre” played. So that was cool.

Eric Naff bikelife BMX
Lil Romeo

Guy was being fruity as usual.

Ford Eric Naff BMX bikelife

Crazy Ford

Saw this crazy car around the neighborhood. Some old Ford with a gun mounted on it and crazy wood interior.

Marijuana Eric Naff BMX bikelife

Smoked some XJ-13 that was pretty crystaly care of THC Design.

Eric Naff BMX bikelife
Flow Kana Sun Grown

Linked up with Flow Kana for some swag and Willie’s Reserve.

Dope Sandwich

Angie made some dope sandwiches and cooked up a bomb lasagna!

Other than that, enjoying the bikelife and retirement. I don’t really wanna associate with anyone or “hang out”. I’m the one who knows how to do everything. So maybe I’ll have some peace and quiet for a little while. Prolly not….