XBox Outage

Well…… Today was going well until XBox services took a crap and I got booted outta PSO2. Got a lot done before hand though!

Eric Naff PSO2 Lavere Eriko Erika gaming video game tits
Oh Lavere…. I’m always coming back for more

Had to see Lavere again. Cleared my bingo card. She was surprised to see me so soon. She barely had time to wipe her chest off from our last encounter! She’s always “hurtin for a squirtin” lol.

Hopefully services come back online soon. Need to jump back in it!

Feel free to comment below or find me in-game. I’ll be around somewhere. I’m not using Erika at the moment. She gets all the awesome drops and stuff. I’m trying to see if Eriko can get the same treatment. Lol!

C ya!

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