Day After PSO2 Day!

So today I decided to break out Eriko and try him out again. Made him a dope weapon or two ( Atlas Drache EX, and a Trailblazer rifle). The Atlas is ridiculous with augments!

PSO2 Eric Naff mmorpg Eriko

Works well in the new UQ. I don’t get one-shotted by Shiva!

Got a new mag evolution a while ago and decided to try it out. Couldn’t be happier it’s a German with a stien of beer! He drinks when you power him up! Awesome!

PSO2 Eric Naff Eriko mmorpg

I think I’ll be using this character for a while. I use Erika all the time. It’s fun to switch up, but also possibly get some extremely rare drops. Erika gets such great drops. Eriko not so much. Hopefully that’ll change with some hours behind this guy!

See y’all on ship 4!!

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