Happy Valentines Day!!!!

I hope everyone gets to spend some time with someone special today! I’ve been making Duk Mandu Guk for lunar New Year and now making Ox Tail soup for my tiny baby for Valentines.

While the soup finishes up, guess I can hit some PSO2! This game has been really fun and really helps time pass while waiting out this crazy virus.

Erika PSO2 naffindustries
Dance party!
Erika PSO2 naffindustries
That’s me!

B50 dance party Erika Save The Rappy

Boogie down….

Just finished up our first soup, the soup before the next soup… lol! She loves miso soup with mushrooms! I used three different kinds of mushroom, so she’s pretty jazzed!

Miso soup PSO2 California
Mushroom miso soup…..

I’m Erika by the way! Lol! I have no in-game valentine like the rest of the ladies…. I’m a dude. Have a great day!

Here’s our final Ox Tail soup!

Ox Tail soup erika
Soooooo good!

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