Soooo… Here We Go Again

I’m at the doctor’s office!

We are here for nothing more than needless cosmetic laser surgery. I don’t know wether to let these irresponsible money spending decisions piss me off and ruin my days, or to just say fuck it and just go with it. It’s going to happen either way so I’m just gonna go with it. I’m really unhappy.

We are trying to move and have a better life, but in reality it’s not going to happen when we spend money on things she really doesn’t need. We defeat ourselves at every turn. Any progress in adult life is crushed by constant stupidity and horrible decisions.

Which brings me to the stupid questions her family has for me every time I see them. “When are you moving”? “Are you looking for a job”? “What’s the problem”?

Here’s the problem. You pawned your responsibility onto me. We aren’t moving because she spends all of our money, all of the time. She is my job….. You stupid fucks.

So, I’m done. Done stressing. Done trying.

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