Long Week

It’s been a while but I finally have a chance to post. Trying to isolate myself so I can get things that I need done. Too many people can’t do shit for themselves.

Eric Naff bikelife
Rats in the Louvre

Fourth Friday “Rats in the Louvre” played. So that was cool.

Eric Naff bikelife BMX
Lil Romeo

Guy was being fruity as usual.

Ford Eric Naff BMX bikelife

Crazy Ford

Saw this crazy car around the neighborhood. Some old Ford with a gun mounted on it and crazy wood interior.

Marijuana Eric Naff BMX bikelife

Smoked some XJ-13 that was pretty crystaly care of THC Design.

Eric Naff BMX bikelife
Flow Kana Sun Grown

Linked up with Flow Kana for some swag and Willie’s Reserve.

Dope Sandwich

Angie made some dope sandwiches and cooked up a bomb lasagna!

Other than that, enjoying the bikelife and retirement. I don’t really wanna associate with anyone or “hang out”. I’m the one who knows how to do everything. So maybe I’ll have some peace and quiet for a little while. Prolly not….

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