Web Server Project

So here’s a web server. A web server is basically a server…. In this case, hand size. I soldered an Arduino sheild together, grabbed an external power supply, and programmed an Osep Arduino ( because it’s readily available at Fry’s). You can assign an IP address to this little thing and design a website on it. Nice! Here’s some photos, then a cooler idea for this guy.

Power supply Eric Naff Naff industriesOsep Arduino Eric NaffWeb serverBottom web serverWeb server sheild on ArduinoTop viewWeb server stacked on power supplyPower attached to web server

So hey, a portable website! Or…. It can be used like in the movie Batman VS Superman. You can attach it to a network, then intercept and receive information from the connected network (with the right coding). This version isn’t wireless like the movie. It doesn’t receive thru induction (or thru the wires). It has to be plugged in. I’m not rich like Bruce Wayne. I’m just Eric Wayne πŸ˜‰.

What I did was make one of these, assign it an IP address, and made it a trap. My router forwards unauthorised MAC addresses to this web server. From there you can’t really go anywhere. Like a “ghost busters” trap. There are ways out.


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