Welcome to the spot! I’m an engineer/ maker. I can create and code pretty much anything. I also BMX and skate. I was an active duty U.S. Marine and am the Post Adjutant at Lakewood Post 496 of the American Legion in Long Beach, California. Follow my journey thru my projects!

Legion Stickers are available now! $5 each. Pick what color you want! Also note which sticker…. Legion, Aux, or SAL.

Pay here. $5 each. Will ship or deliver personally. Include address in notes.


Here’s the LBCity Stickers


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Recent Stuff

PSO2 Loves Erika

These people…. I switched over to Eriko to see if I could get an Aproth Dusk drop. I mean, he’s a Phantom, should get a rifle drop. NOPE. Played that fool for a week and…. nothing. I switched back to Erika and made her a Phantom. Got that drop in like, 20 minutes! WTF! Erika …

XBox Outage

Well…… Today was going well until XBox services took a crap and I got booted outta PSO2. Got a lot done before hand though! Had to see Lavere again. Cleared my bingo card. She was surprised to see me so soon. She barely had time to wipe her chest off from our last encounter! She’s …

Day After PSO2 Day!

So today I decided to break out Eriko and try him out again. Made him a dope weapon or two ( Atlas Drache EX, and a Trailblazer rifle). The Atlas is ridiculous with augments! Works well in the new UQ. I don’t get one-shotted by Shiva! Got a new mag evolution a while ago and …


If for some odd reason you need to get ahold of me you can try . I know some folks may have questions about code or other tech issues.