Welcome to my world! I’m an engineer/ maker. I can create and code pretty much anything. I’ve always been creative I guess. Follow my journey thru my projects!

Recent Stuff

Awesome Asada Ne

For taco Tuesday we are making taco rice cheese ne with carne asada instead of ground beef. Cooking in beer as well! Here’s the final result! Awesome! Hit up Shin Times for complete recipe. Finished product 💯

Sick Designs

Here’s more of my skate deck designs: I’ll be honest…. This is in case Fit Bike Co checks my stuff for the Graphic Designer position.


I went to UCLA. Was in the US Marines. I still make skate decks, but they’re no longer available to the public. BMX Skate Bikelife Skatelife.


If for some odd reason you need to get ahold of me you can try . I know some folks may have questions about code or other tech issues.