Welcome to my world! I’m an engineer/ maker. I can create and code pretty much anything. I’ve always been creative I guess. Follow my journey thru my projects!

Recent Stuff

Audio Recorder

So here’s a sweet audio recorder that has pass-thru, an on board mic, ext speaker posts, and other cool stuff! I soldered the Arduino sheild myself. Lots of applications for this project. You can expand the memory, run a line in, there’s a line out. There’s two posts for speaker attachment. Plenty of outputs left …

Chill Ride

Took another ride around the neighborhood. A lot of water today. Just wanted to take it easy. Still looking for potential neighborhoods to live in. I like it here. It’s flat, weather is awesome, and there’s lots to do. There’s downsides to Long Beach but trying to stay positive. Finding the right place will make …

House Hunt!

Went on a walk today to scope neighborhoods for a potential home-buy. Beautiful day and got in some get exercise. Took the Master Sword today! Saw the car-boat guys at the Marine Stadium as well. These things are cool! Then….. The usual “shifless” layabout gets the #LBPD treatment! All in all it was a nice …


I went to UCLA. Was in the US Marines. I still make skate decks, but they’re no longer available to the public. BMX Skate Bikelife Skatelife.


If for some odd reason you need to get ahold of me you can try . I know some folks may have questions about code or other tech issues.